Welcome to site for DevLUp FSU! Below are materials and notes from our meetings, as well as any updates we've posted on the state of our club! Join our Discord server to keep up to date with our meetings and events!

Play the Games and Vote! 🪖🫡🎖️ itch.io/jam/devlup-fall-23-wargames 🎖️🫡🪖 Lesson plan: Game Jam Voting Play Games Trinketeer Dimension Duality Upside-Down Pineapple Race! Other branches’ games Meeting Slides: this meeting was not recorded

Preparing For War! 🪖🫡🎖️ itch.io/jam/devlup-fall-23-wargames 🎖️🫡🪖 Lesson plan: Itch.io How to Sign Up Uploading your games General Game Jam Tips Version Control Git Task Management Trello Github Projects Meeting Slides: this meeting was not recorded

How games LIE to you Lesson plan: Meeting Slides: Meeting Recording: Recording coming soon!

Designing Game Environments Lesson plan: Tools we can use “Jaquaysing The Dungeon” Shapes of Play Open Worlds (and what we learn from them) Breath of the Wild Loops and Control of Information A Short Hike Meeting Slides: Further Reading: Alexandrian Article on Jaquayng The Dungeon Meeting Recording: Recording coming soon!...

Semester Project Dev Lesson plan: Brainstorm Scope Assign Tasks Meeting Schedule Git Start Dev Character Controller Meeting Slides: Relevant Links: 💾📁kenney.nl/assets/pirate-pack📁💾 Github Repository: 🐱📁/party-pirates📁🐱 Meeting Recording: Recording coming soon!